Lucido comments on new executive order affecting COVID-19 at nursing homes

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Peter J. Lucido issued the following statement on Thursday, after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday signed Executive Order 2020-95, updating and clarifying a previous order so that now COVID-19-affected residents will only be discharged from a hospital to a facility that is capable of safely isolating the resident:

“I am disappointed that the governor has only now addressed a deadly problem she created weeks ago by allowing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities,” said Lucido, R-Shelby Township. “Unfortunately, this new executive order does not go far enough. Simply being able to isolate a COVID-19 patient is not enough to treat or protect the remaining vulnerable population at these facilities, or their caregivers.

“Nursing homes are not hospitals. They’re not equipped to administer the type of care that hospitals provide. They don’t have the personnel, personal protective equipment, medications or sophisticated physical properties, like HVAC systems, to do the job of a hospital. That is why we have hospitals in the first place.

“Nothing about the decision to put COVID-19 patients in nursing homes has made sense. Despite the administration’s claims that every decision they make in response to this virus is based on science and data, they have routinely balked when asked for that data or for an explanation as to why the order was given.

“How many vulnerable lives from our greatest generation were lost because the governor and some state bureaucrats decided, unbelievably, to put COVID-19 patients into our state’s nursing homes? How many workers got sick? How many residents and staff recovered?

“These are all very serious questions that demand answers. But at a time when, literally, lives are on the line, when we need clarity, transparency and reasoning from our governor about these decisions that are affecting so many families, we so far haven’t gotten them.

“That’s why I called on the attorney general and U.S. attorney to conduct independent investigations of these executive orders, and I renew that call today.”