Lucido clarifies intent of bill to allow P.O. Box numbers on state IDs

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Peter J. Lucido, R-Shelby Township, issued the following statement on Friday to help clarify the intent of Senate Bill 864, which he recently introduced to allow Michigan residents to list a mailing address, such as a Post Office Box number, on state-issued identification cards.

“Senate Bill 864 is all about protecting people’s privacy. If someone needs to show their state-issued identification to prove their age or identity, they shouldn’t also have to reveal where they live if they don’t want to. My bill would simply give people the option of having a mailing address on their IDs instead of the address of their residence. It would not be a requirement.

“Further, the bill would in no way interfere with the integrity of our elections. The state’s official qualified voter file would still maintain a person’s residence. It would not be affected if someone chose to display their mailing address on their ID card instead of their residence.

“My bill also has nothing to do with any federal vaccination programs or the compact of states to show immunization information on IDs, which Michigan opted out of.

“I also want to note that, when reading any bill, only the bold text is new. SB 864 would update lines four and five of page two, and lines nine and 10 of page 11 of Public Act 222 of 1972.”

SB 864 was referred to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee for consideration.

Lucido also requested a bill that would allow mailing addresses to be listed on driver’s licenses as well and hopes to formally introduce it soon.