Lucido bills bring local control to road funding

LANSING, Mich. — Legislation introduced by state Sen. Peter J. Lucido on Wednesday would help establish more local control over redistributing funds dedicated to maintaining our roads.

Senate Bill 27 would amend Public Act 51 to require all vehicle registration fees collected by the secretary of state to go to the county in which a vehicle is registered. Similarly, SB 28 would require all motor fuel taxes collected to stay in the county in which the fuel was pumped.

“Part of the reason Michigan’s roads are in such bad shape is because of the way road funding is disproportionately dispersed throughout the state,” said Lucido, R-Shelby Township. “It doesn’t make much sense that Macomb County drivers are subsidizing the roads in other counties who don’t have the same number of people or the same amount of traffic.

“My bills provide a solution to make sure that the money is used proportionately, so counties with more vehicles and more drivers, which therefore have worse roads, get increased funding they need to ‘fix the damn roads,’ without increasing fees or taxes.”

SBs 27 and 28 were referred to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for consideration.